Pump Efficiency

Environmentally Friendly and more cost effective


Diagnostics, Repairs and Programming can be done remotely

Time to Care

Releases Nursing Time to Care for Patients

Control Panel

Simplified, Intuitive Interface with LED screen for 2-way communication


Alarms can be Remote or Local, or Both - reducing Alarm Fatigue

Cost Effective

Reductions in Nursing Time and Pressure Injuries Reduces Costs

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Improving Patient Outcomes and Bringing Benefits to all Stakeholders

The World’s most efficient and effective pump coupled with a clinically proven pressure care surface providing an optimised pressure care system which enhances outcomes for patients, nursing, engineering and administration staff alike. Minimising unplanned downtime, reducing energy consumption and providing a truly sustainable solution

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The CloudCair mattress helps your healthcare budget by reducing costs in several ways. The unit is completely and remotely programmable, saving hours of staff time. With remote repairs and self-diagnosis our unit offers a huge reduction in call-out response costs.

• Optimised asset management
• Control unit is totally programmable, this can be done remotely
• LED Screen for two-way communication.


Optimised Care, Cost Efficiency and Patient Experience

CloudCair can predict faults before they occur, remotely reporting information and allowing repairs to be completed without the need for an engineer visit. This reduces the burden on nursing staff and enhances the patient experience.

Our system is so advanced that unplanned downtime is virtually eliminated providing clear clinical benefits: reducing acquired pressure injuries and improving healing time. Which means that related conditions and extended hospital stays are reduced